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Jessie Casson is a leading editorial and commercial portrait photographer based in Auckland, NZ. She has photographed some of New Zealand’s most well-known and well-respected individuals. In carrying out these and other assignments, Jessie has stayed true to her single focus of portrait photography.  This has resulted in her shooting for clients in New Zealand, Australia and the UK with her work appearing in publications across the globe.

Jessie is recognised for her honest yet dynamic style of portrait, giving reflective insights into the lives and personalities of her subjects, from a perspective that has you captivated.

Her book, Champions: New Zealand Winners, was published by Random House with the associated Exhibition touring nine major galleries across New Zealand.

The accompanying documentary, which was aired on TV3, can be viewed at http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/champions—new-zealand-winners-2008

Jessie was born and raised in Northumberland, UK. Having graduated with BA HONS in photography at Derby University, she established her career in London.  She immigrated to New Zealand in 2004 and lives in Auckland with her husband and three children.

 Clients include:

Condenast Traveler (UK), Guardian Weekend Magazine (UK), Scotsman (UK), Metro (NZ), Idealog (NZ), North and South (NZ), Next Magazine (NZ), Taste Magazine (NZ), Yen Magazine (AUS), AA (NZ)  Gen-i (NZ), Kidicorp (NZ), Random House (NZ)

Contact Jessie: e:jessie@jessiecasson.com t:+64 (0) 211036647


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Phone: + 64 (0) 211036647

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