As an advertising producer with over 20 years experience my aim is to always match the right person to the job. In photographer Jessie Casson and her talented team we struck gold. Our fast turnaround portrait shoot for Chemist Warehouse featuring Super Rugby player Dan Carter required countless options of shots and wardrobe variants all be to taken in a short space of time. Jessie has a relaxed yet competent manner on set that shines through in her work, she captured natural and honest shots of the talent and her stylist and assistant worked seamlessly in the background to ensure our Zoom connected shoot back to Australia went off without a hitch. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jessie. At the end of the shoot the talent, their agent, the client and the agency involved all sent separate emails of congratulation to me as the producer to say how much they enjoyed working with Jessie and her team and how pleased they were with the captured images. Nik Round – Senior Producer – Stratosphere Advertising


I have worked with Jessie on a number of corporate and creative shoots. She is incredibly easy to work with, always professional and makes the subject of the photo always feel relaxed. It’s always an enjoyable shoot and I know I will get a range of great photos to choose from at the end.                                                                           Mehpara Khan, IBM Communications Lead, NZ and Australia


When we’re looking to commission a photographer of people, we often think of Jessie. She just gets it right. We really appreciate the creative effort she puts into each project; she comes up with ideas and angles that communicate more than the obvious, more than the expected. Not all photographers have the ability to develop genuine rapport with their subjects. Jessie does, which is why her portraits have a warm, relaxed quality. If there is one word I would apply to Jessie’s photographs it is: genuine. Jessie has photographed many people for AA Directions over the years – from children, motorists and campers to business people and board members. She has never let us down. She’s professional, thorough, efficient and easy to work with. She’s a gem!         Kathryn Webster Editor AA Magazine



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